News 12- Ugly Holiday Sweater DIY

The holiday section of the dollar store is filled with ornaments, ribbons and bows, poinsettia clips and Christmas tree skirts that all can be used to create some fun ugly holiday wear.

Having a theme party does not have to break the bank. Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminti (Momee Friends of Long Island) have some fun ideas for you to create your party with items from your local dollar store.

When you are attending a party once you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a sweater that you will wear for just a few hours. Creating your own can be a lot fun, too!


Momee Friend Tip: Create your sweaters with dollar store items and attach them with safety pins so you do not ruin your sweater.


The Red Christmas Tree Sweater

This sweater was so easy the most time-consuming part was attaching all the dollar store decorations to the sweater with the safety pins. There is no wrong way to put the decorations on the sweater. The uglier the better.


Snowman Sweater

This sweater was child’s play (literally). I involved my 3-year old daughter in this cute arts and crafts project. We made the snowman on poster board and then attached our artwork to the sweater with safety pins. For some added dazzle I attached tinsel around the sweater with safety pins, as well.

You can see Elizabeth and I wearing our sweater’s below:

On our heads are easy DIY headbands.

I attached a tree topper star to a black headband to wear with my red Christmas tree sweater.


Elizabeth is wearing a Mistletoe on top of her headband. I added a fun festive ribbon to the top of the headband, as well.


Oy Vey Sweatshirt

With a little bit of poster board, blue foam board, markers, snowflake ornaments and silver tinsel this easy Holiday Sweater came to be. I drew a dreidel on the white poster board and had the words OY VEY pop by using the blue foam board for the letters. Again, I attached everything with safety pins so the sweatshirt did not get ruined.



In my hair I am wearing a festive holiday ribbon headband in blue and silver. I just used blue and silver gift box ornaments and blue and silver ribbons for a cute touch.

I also added those ribbons to the top of some cozy dollar store white slippers for a festive footwear addition to my outfit!


Bow Tank Top

Elizabeth is wearing a simple red tank top that I just hot glued a bunch of gift bows to. I actually love how it looks and it makes for an adorable addition to your ugly holiday look.


Christmas Tree Skirt

You can also make a festive holiday skirt out of a dollar store tree skirt. I love that the tree skirts already have images on them so for a last-minute idea this works great. Just hot glue some velcro to each side to make a festive skirt.


In Elizabeth’s hair is a Poinsettia clip I found at the dollar store. It already had a clip attached so I just slid it into her hair. ADORABLE!


Elizabeth needed festive slippers, too! I just hot glued a bunch or gift bows to black ballet slippers for an easy DIY!

And the winner is…

Print off your own ballot tickets for your guests to cast their vote for the ugliest sweater. At the end of the party the votes will be counted up and each person winner will be awarded a fun ugly sweater ribbon that you created.


Make the Ugly Sweater Ribbons with some festive ribbon purchased at your dollar store, some felt and bows.

Cut sweater shapes with 3 different colors. Add a felt number on top and add to ribbon as shown below:


Don’t forget to say CHEESE! I love making a photo opp and this one is so cute just using a tri-fold poster board and cutting out two windows carefully with a box cutter (adults only, please!) Then, wrap the board with your most festive wrapping paper and add stockings and gift box ornaments for a cute touch. I had to make a tinsel boarder, too!



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