DIY Squishy Stress Balls

Everyone gets stressed even our kids. It is very common to see both kids and adults struggle with anxiety.

“Releasing tension with a stress ball can be very calming and therapeutic”, says Erika Burdick.

Try this easy DIY stress ball and watch the stress disappear.

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My Emotions Thermometer

All week long, we have immersed ourselves in all things Inside Out!  And what a week it’s been!  Disney’s Pixar movie, Inside Out, personifies five main emotions and shows how they drive our behavior and influence the choices we make. 

Sometimes those emotions can get the better of us and can cloud our judgment – we dismiss our own sadness, or lash out at others because of some pent up anger, or we can become so overcome by fear that we miss out on what could have been an awesome opportunity. 

There are days when things are just not right. It can be hard to express how we feel. This chart is a great way to start the conversation using the emotion characters from the movie.


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Broccoli, YUCK! Honor your child’s preferences

Disgust is a feeling of revulsion towards something that is unpleasant, or an absolute disapproval to something we find offensive, usually towards something we see, touch, smell, or taste, as well as anything we find morally reprehensible.

broccoli yuck

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Trust Your Instincts- Talking about Fear

We live in a world that is unpredictable and can be very frightening to children.  They are bombarded with negative images everywhere and they can even develop fears by simply observing how their parents are affected by every day stress.  It sounds a bit ominous, but fear itself is not entirely all bad.


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Keep your Cool- Talking about Anger with your Kids

Anger is a very strong emotion which everyone exhibits, and when left unchecked, it can lead us to do very destructive things.  Such is the case for Riley in the movie, Inside Out.  Anger is the 3rd emotion or character that emerges when Riley’s Dad tells her that she cannot have dessert if she does not eat her broccoli.  Enraged, Anger explodes and the young Riley has a meltdown.


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Sadness and Joy go Hand in Hand

Sadness is the second manifestation of Riley’s emotions to come to life in the movie Inside Out.  All of Riley’s memories are stored in colored orbs which are then sent into “storage” at the end of each waking day.  All of the most important memories (“core memories”) are kept in “headquarters” to fuel  5 Personality Islands which represent Riley’s unique personality traits.

sadnes joy

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