Broccoli, YUCK! Honor your child’s preferences

Disgust is a feeling of revulsion towards something that is unpleasant, or an absolute disapproval to something we find offensive, usually towards something we see, touch, smell, or taste, as well as anything we find morally reprehensible.

broccoli yuck

Broccoli, yuck! The mere thought of broccoli is a turn off for some people and they will simply not even go there.  Such is the case for Riley in the movie, Inside Out.  Disgust is the 5th and final emotion introduced. She is presented as being highly opinionated and adamant about protecting Riley from anything that could potentially poison her physically and socially.


Unlike the other emotions, Disgust is not highly charged.  It is simply attached to our personal likes and dislikes and signals us when we have an aversion towards something.  While it is so important to introduce children to a variety of new foods and experiences, it is just as important to honor their preferences to help them develop a good sense of their own individuality.

A Broccoli Trick —-> download here

Help Disgust by coloring in the spaces that have green dots!

broccoli trick

Check out this fun way of introducing new foods to a very picky eater…

Picky Eater Food Chart—> click here

food chart3

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