Fishing for Emotions

Here is a fun game using the emotions from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.


Make your own game at home with your kids and talk about what makes you feel joy, sadness, anger, disgust and what you fear. A great interactive game that your kids will enjoy.

Earlier this Summer, Disney released what some are calling its most successful Pixar movie, “Inside Out”.  The movie touches upon many important topics like family and friends, growing up and coming of age, emotions and feelings, and is presented in such an inventive way that children can easily learn about feelings, and how they affect their behavior and ultimately their choices. Read more—> click here


Print out the image below.

inside out printable- fishing for emotions game

Cut out the characters faces and attach a paper clip to the back of the face.


Make your “fishing pole” :

Using a dowel or unsharpened pencil wrap twine around the pencil and on the opposite end attach a magnet.


egame5 egame4

The Game:


Put all the emotions on the floor and have your child fish for their emotions.

egame2 egame1

Every time they get an emotion have them tell you what emotion it is and talk about what makes them feel that emotion.

A fun way to introduce emotions and talk about them.


Inspired by:

Little Page Turners: Fishing for Feelings

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