Keep your Cool- Talking about Anger with your Kids

Anger is a very strong emotion which everyone exhibits, and when left unchecked, it can lead us to do very destructive things.  Such is the case for Riley in the movie, Inside Out.  Anger is the 3rd emotion or character that emerges when Riley’s Dad tells her that she cannot have dessert if she does not eat her broccoli.  Enraged, Anger explodes and the young Riley has a meltdown.


Anger plays a major role in the movie, as it does in all of our lives – it signals us that something is wrong with our environment.  Perhaps someone has crossed a boundary, or maybe we are unable to control someone or something, and we are denied something to which we feel we are entitled.  When we don’t take the time to calm that fiery spirit, we very often will make poor decisions and will act out of anger with no regard for any consequences.

When Joy and Sadness  are missing, Riley is driven by Anger, Fear and Disgust, and because of Anger, Riley steals her mother’s credit card and runs away from home, but when Anger subsides, Riley  realizes she may be in danger and decides to go back home.

What are some things that make you angry? And how do you control your anger? When children experience tantrums or meltdowns or become angry, it is very important that they have the skills to manage those feelings so that they don’t lead to destructive behaviors.  Time and consistency are the keys to helping your child develop those skills.

Encourage your kids to verbalize their anger  – It’s OKAY to be mad, but

  1. Do not hurt yourself

  2. Do not hurt others.

  3. Do not destroy property

AND….. DO talk about it!

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