News 12- Crafty with Shells and Rocks

Getting crafty with your nature walk treasures!

It is Summer time and living on Long Island we love going toward the water and beach combing for shells and rocks. Once you collect them you can turn those tiny treasures into beautiful works of art.

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Celery Stamping: Roses & Hearts

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I am always looking for fun new projects for the girls to make.

I saw this idea of Celery Stamping on Pinterest and I knew we had to give it a try.

celery stamping

This is a great way to create with little hands. Using the bottom of the celery as a stamp is big enough for little ones to get a good grip and create something beautiful.

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Spring Sugar Cookies

 12 more days till spring but thanks to Daylight Savings Time I am already in a Spring State of Mind.

I decided to make colorful spring color cookies and shapes with Mia and these colorful cookies are delicious.

 spring cookies

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Daddy’s Little Valentines

My husband is not only an amazing husband but he is an incredible daddy.

  The gifts he gives are always thought out and sentimental and I love that about him.  This Valentine’s Day he has three girls calling him their Valentine and the love he has for us shows all year long but this tradition he has started melts my heart.


My husband started this adorable tradition where for every year that the girls are old he gives them that many roses.

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Egg Carton Bouquet of Flowers

I love to reuse items for crafting. This craft made my daughter Mia so happy because she loves flowers.

We reused the egg carton container to make the flowers and a toilet paper roll to make the vase.


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