Egg Carton Bouquet of Flowers

I love to reuse items for crafting. This craft made my daughter Mia so happy because she loves flowers.

We reused the egg carton container to make the flowers and a toilet paper roll to make the vase.


What you need to make the flowers:

Egg carton, Washable Crayola Paints, Scissors, Pipe Cleaners, Buttons and Glue



First, have your child color the inside of the egg carton.

flower13  flower15

Then using a scissor remove a piece of the carton to make one flower.

then cut down to make it look like petals. (shown below)

flower10 flower11

Next, take a pipe cleaner and put it through the bottom of the carton. (shown below)

flower9 flower8

Now, glue a button in the center.

flower7 flower16

Repeat these steps and make at least 4 to 5 flowers.

 flower6 flower5

What you need to make the vase:

A toilet paper roll, and a foam sticker sheet


Cut a piece of foam sticker sheet to completely cover the toilet paper roll.


Using another piece of foam sticker cover one of the ends of the toilet paper roll. This will be the base of your vase.


Now, fill the vase with your beautiful flowers and your Egg Carton Bouquet of Flowers is complete.

flower1 flower

A craft from my Momee craft corner to yours : )

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