Daddy’s Little Valentines

My husband is not only an amazing husband but he is an incredible daddy.

  The gifts he gives are always thought out and sentimental and I love that about him.  This Valentine’s Day he has three girls calling him their Valentine and the love he has for us shows all year long but this tradition he has started melts my heart.


My husband started this adorable tradition where for every year that the girls are old he gives them that many roses.


Mia is pictured above with three vases (Momees’ vase has 12 roses, Mia has three roses in her vase and Olivia has one in her vase)

I love this tradition and I wanted to share it with all of you. He has been doing this since Mia’s first Valentine’s Day three years ago and it is one we all look forward to.

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One that I know Daddy’s with little girls will love and look forward to each year. My daughter told her daddy I love red roses like the ones you get mommy not pink ones. So he listened and she gets the same roses as mommy. And so does Olivia and even though she is only 9 months old she was just as excited as Mia to get her flowers too.


  So Mia being three years old she got three roses this year and Olivia received one rose since it is her first Valentine’s Day.

Mike growing up saw his father who would do this same exact thing and bring home flowers for is mom and his sister on holidays. It is such a precious gesture that make little girls beam from ear to ear when they receive a gift from their daddy on Valentine’s Day or any holiday. (Boys will love this too from either parent!)

A little girl’s first love is their daddy!

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And through what they see they will learn the type of boyfriend/ husband they will want in the future. Chivalry is something that every man should want to show their woman and trust me… every woman loves to have a gentleman for a boyfriend or husband.

It is the little things like opening a door, putting on a coat, kissing you hello or goodbye that really matter.  And through seeing I know my girls will know the type of guy they deserve seeing how Mike treats me. The little extras like flowers on Valentine’s Day just shows they care and they want you to feel loved. And I love that my husband not only does these things for me but for his two little Valentine’s as well and these daddy’s girls love him so much.

I am truly blessed to of found the man of my dreams that who not only makes me smile every day but is also an amazing daddy and makes sure his girls have everything they need. I love you Mike more than you could ever know and words could never describe just how much I truly love you. I am proud to be your wife and so happy that you chose me to be your wife and the mother of your children. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from our family to yours…

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