Sign Your Emotions – Inspired by Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

Momee Friends and Speech Discoveries have teamed up to bring you a fun way to interact with your little ones and talk about your emotions. Speech Discoveries is seen with my four-year-old daughter teaching her how to do sign language.


Speech Discoveries is designed to have both you and your child facilitate and enhance interpersonal interaction with one another. Every child develops language differently, but classes are a great start to begin the communication development process. Through our classes, caregivers can observe and learn techniques that they can continue at home with their child.

We love Disney Pixar’s Inside Out and we know that teaching our children to express their emotions is very important. A person can express their emotions verbally with words or with non-verbal cues. But, there is another way to express our emotions and that is through Sign Language. In the movie Inside Out they talk about all types of emotions but the main emotion characters are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust.

Elizabeth Balay and Julia Mignoli are the founders of Speech Discoveries and are wonderful teachers and they have shared with us the still pictures of the main 5 emotions seen in Disney Pixar’s Inside Out and how to sign that emotion.

joy1 joy

sadness1 sadness

fear1 fear

anger1 anger

disgust1 disgust

Please watch the video below to see how much fun it is to sign your emotions with Speech Discoveries:


The Emotions song you heard at the end of the video was made by Speech Discoveries.

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Photo credit given to Disney for images of the characters from the movie —> click here

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  1. Each light-up figure inspired by the five emotions comes with its own “Memory Sphere” that holds Riley’s memories. Press each doll’s hand to see its face light up and hear unique phrases, plus you can create your own “memory ball” that opens up to enable you to insert your own moments.

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