Safety 1st Custom Fit All Purpose Strap

Great Product and Please Safety Proof Your House! These kids are so smart and even if you think they will never go into a cabinet or drawer; guess what?… they will!

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Finally a custom strap!

Safety 1st makes great products and this is added to the list of ones I love.

Mia gets into everything and I mean everything! I bet, just like your exploring toddler does.

These straps are great and have an adjustable strap that fit cabinets, stove doors, refrigerators, or anywhere else you want a latch so that your child can not get in.

Mia loves going in our microwave cabinet the drawer is our junk drawer and has so many random things that she just does not need to be playing with.

And the bottom cabinet doors store our Tupperware. Tupperware is every kids favorite toy there are so many choices to throw around and stack together. I let Mia play with the Tupperware but I hate having to clean it up every 5 minutes.

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So we had to baby proof this cabinet and as soon as I put the latches on there she goes trying to get in ; )

I highly recommend these latches and I am sure you will be pleased to. You can purchase them on Amazon or Babies R Us.

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