Inspired by Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

Earlier this Summer, Disney released what some are calling its most successful Pixar movie, “Inside Out”.  The movie touches upon many important topics like family and friends, growing up and coming of age, emotions and feelings, and is presented in such an inventive way that children can easily learn about feelings, and how they affect their behavior and ultimately their choices. Momee Friends have been so inspired by the movie, that we are devoting an entire week to the important message and lessons it delivers.

Inside Out

“There are a lot of things to be HAPPY about.”  – Joy

We all have feelings and that inner voice that drives us to do the things that we do.  Each day this week, we will focus on some of those feelings just like in the movie – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust.

“I like crying, it helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.” – Sadness

One of the biggest lessons we learned from the movie is that while we all want to experience Joy all the time, it is not realistic.  In fact, it is so important for children to learn and understand that it is okay to feel sad.

“I like to honk my way through the traffic jams of life!” – Anger

We all get angry, and as  parents and caregivers, it’s our job to provide a positive outlet in which children can express what makes them angry so that we can help them find ways to calm down and learn how to develop patience and perseverance. 


“I consider every day we don’t die a success.” – Fear

Children need to understand that everyone experiences fear at some point in our lives and for the most part as we grow, we outgrow most fears.  But it is important for us to acknowledge our children’s fears so we can help them develop healthy coping skills – a good amount of fear will keep them mindful of busy streets and hot stoves, but too much fear might prevent them from trying new things or even meeting new friends. 


“Okay, caution, there is a dangerous smell, people. Hold on, what is that? That is not brightly colored or shaped like a dinosaur, hold on guys… it’s… broccoli! ” – Disgust

Truly, one of our favorite characters from Inside Out is Disgust.  She is highly opinionated and is mindful of Riley’s likes and dislikes, and while we may not always appreciate her sassy ways, we are reminded as adults that it is important to honor our children’s preferences.

If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry, we won’t give away too many spoilers this week, but check us out and join us each day as we explore the 5 emotions with fun crafts and activities.  We also hope that the tips and lessons provided will help you to create beautiful memories with your children.


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