Can You Escape The Room? Long Island

You and your team are locked in a themed room for 60 minutes. By solving puzzles and putting together clues you get closer and closer to escaping. Will you be able to escape in 60 minutes?

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Alissa and her team have been working hard to bring us exciting rooms and concepts and on April 1st, 2015 they opened the doors to the public with one room to try.( SO FAR!… more rooms to come)  My husband and I have played the Can You Escape the Room App on our phones and love the game. We could not wait to be inside the room and see if we could solve the puzzles together. You are allowed to have up to a total of 8 people in the room at one time so we brought along family and friends as our team. Together we accepted the challenge and all of us were determined to escape with time to spare.


The waiting area has a cozy lounge feel and you will be working as a team laughing and having fun before you even enter the room. Our minds were put to the test in with fun handheld challenging games. Once you start you are hooked, you are not going to want to give up.

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The first room (for beginners) is the Children’s Play Room. You are locked in the playroom and the kids are outside the door you have 60 minutes before the parents get home. Will you escape? Or will you get caught locked inside the room when time runs out?

IMG_6903 IMG_6909


IMG_6907 IMG_6906






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When I entered the room I was super excited and my adrenaline was pumping. We all laughed and ran around the room looking for clues and working together.

Time Flies when you are having fun so make sure you keep an eye on the clock because that 60 minutes will fly by.

With 23 minutes to spare we did it! And we can not wait to try the next room.


Is your team up for the challenge?

Book your reservation TODAY!

April 18th is opening day of the Interrogation Room and they are taking reservations NOW! You need to book your reservation ahead of time and you can do so by clicking —-> here

More rooms to come really soon such as Escape the Subway and a Prison Break.

Check their website for up to date information  and to book your room—> click here


Located at: 44 Jericho Turnpike Mineola, NY 11501

Telephone:  (516) 246-9939

Email:  CanYouEscapeLI@GMAIL.COM

Thank you Alissa Maldonado for allowing my team and I to come in on opening weekend and see if we had what it takes as a team to work together and Escape the Room. AND WE DID ESCAPE… in 37 minutes! We will be back really soon to try the next room and every time you open a room we will be there to see if WE CAN ESCAPE THE ROOM?

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Momee Friends of Long Island highly recommends Can You Escape the Room? LI and you will too!

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