Memorial Day BBQ Food Swaps

With the upcoming holiday weekend you are likely to be attending at least one BBQ.

When we gather with friends food and drinks with high calories are often part of the mix. While you don’t want to be “that person” saying “no” to all the food and drink you can try to be conscious of what you eat.

Try out some of these food swaps at your upcoming BBQ’s this weekend:

*Burgers are on the menu, try portabello mushroom caps instead of buns

*Instead of chips and dip try whole wheat crackers or veggies with hummu

*Make your salad healthier, instead of croutons on your salad try adding nuts

*Don’t drink soda, try seltzer with lime, mint and cucumber slices

*Try changing your mayo for mashed avocado instead

*Switch out your white potato for sweet potatoes  

*Using sour cream in a recipe, try swapping it for greek yogurt

*When baking swap out a stick of butter for ½ cup of applesauce

*Another baking swap, use stevia instead of sugar

*Ice cream for dessert, try freezing then blending bananas for an ice cream fix

My kids love Banana Ice Cream using ONLY Bananas!

                  see how to make it: here


We hope you find these tips helpful and you enjoy your weekend Barbeques!


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