News 12- Crafty with Shells and Rocks

Getting crafty with your nature walk treasures!

It is Summer time and living on Long Island we love going toward the water and beach combing for shells and rocks. Once you collect them you can turn those tiny treasures into beautiful works of art.

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Getting Puzzled! – Fun with the Kids

We all love puzzles and figuring them out, don’t we? Here are great ideas for kids of all ages.

getting puzzled

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Numbers & Hearts Matching Activity

Do a fun activity with your little ones that includes counting and number recognition this Valentine’s Day.

heart matching

My preschooler has been loving her numbers and we have been working on counting and number recognition each day. I figured for Valentine’s Day we should have some fun with this activity and add some construction paper hearts.

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Cereal Box Puzzle

We finished our box of cereal and I went to throw out the box and remembered I have been wanting to reuse the Cheerio Box for something. Then the idea came to me, A PUZZLE!

Cereal Puzzle

My daughter loves puzzles and I thought it would be fun to have her put together a familiar box instead of putting it into the recycle bin. Then when she gets board of it we can put it into the recycle bin again but at least we got a multi-purpose use out of it for a little while.

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Can You Escape The Room? Long Island

You and your team are locked in a themed room for 60 minutes. By solving puzzles and putting together clues you get closer and closer to escaping. Will you be able to escape in 60 minutes?

can you escape

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