Getting Puzzled! – Fun with the Kids

We all love puzzles and figuring them out, don’t we? Here are great ideas for kids of all ages.

getting puzzled

Let’s have some fun with different types of puzzles together.

Geometric Cardboard Construction

Who has some cardboard in their recycle bin?

And who has children who look for something new to play with?

I know we all do and this “new” toy not only costs nothing to make but, it will keep your kids entertained for a long time. Sounds great, right? Read more —> here

IMG_8944 IMG_8940

IMG_8948  IMG_8957

Cereal Box Puzzle

We finished our box of cereal and I went to throw out the box and remembered I have been wanting to reuse the Cheerio Box for something. Then the idea came to me, A PUZZLE!

Read more —> here

IMG_8564 IMG_8567

Cardboard Masks

Another fun activity with cardboard that tweens and teens will love.

IMG_9003  cardboard masks making for kids - oh what fun | @handmakery:

 I saw this idea on Pinterest by —> click here


Lego Puzzle

As parents , we all have legos and pictures of our family members.

Why not turn those pictures into fun lego puzzles?

Another awesome Pinterest find —> click here   from Jenae {I Can Teach My Child!}

IMG_9001 IMG_9000

News 12 Morning Show Face Mix-Up

Did you ever wonder what Elizabeth, Carol, Rich and Elisa would look like with all their facial features all mixed up together?

I took their beautiful headshots from News 12 Long Island and cut their faces up with a scissor. I separated the top of the head, eyes, nose and mouth (including the top of their body).

Morning Show Head shots

IMG_8996 IMG_8995

Then time to Mix-  It Up:

I cut some of the pieces and left others whole to then glue together to make a “new” news anchor.

Elizabeth thought this was hysterical and I can’t wait to see the other anchors reaction to this.

IMG_9009 IMG_9007

I did this craft idea with the News 12 Morning show family but you can do it with your

family and/ or friends.

Tune into News 12 Long Island for Winter Fun Ideas on Thursday, February 18th, 2016. Starting at 5am during the morning show with Elizabeth Hashagen.


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