Numbers & Hearts Matching Activity

Do a fun activity with your little ones that includes counting and number recognition this Valentine’s Day.

heart matching

My preschooler has been loving her numbers and we have been working on counting and number recognition each day. I figured for Valentine’s Day we should have some fun with this activity and add some construction paper hearts.

All you need is:

Construction Paper


Hole Puncher



Cut a large heart out of your construction paper repeating this step 10 times. You can make more hearts but, we only made 10.

heart match 2

Then, cut the heart down the middle with a zig-zag line.


Write the number on the left side of the heart and then hole-punch on the other side. If you have the number 4 then write the number 10 on the left and then hole-punch 10 circles on the right side.

Do this for each heart and number each heart 1 to 10.

heart match 1 heart matching 1

Once each heart is complete scatter them around and have your child match the number side to the hole punched side.

heart match 4

They will be so happy they completed the task. While having fun they are learning and that is a great activity in my book.

hearts match


and happy learning through our Numbers and Hearts Matching activity.

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