FBB’s (Fry Bunless Burgers)

That’s right… Forget the bun and use delicious waffle fries instead!

FBB’s are delicious…

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You saw it first here on my Momee Friends of Long Island blog. I have never seen this posted anywhere on the web and it is genius. I thought of this a few years ago when i had defrosted chop meat to make burgers but had no buns so my Momee improvising took place and thats where FBB’s began. My family loves it and I am sure yours will too!

Before you begin to make your mini burgers please pre heat your oven and cook waffle fries as directed on bag!

For the burgers you will need:

1 pound of chop meat
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of pepper
1 tsp of cayenne pepper
1/4 cup Italian bread crumbs

“These are the plain spices I use but you use the spices you desire “

Step 1 :
mix all hamburger ingredients together

Step 2 :
put frying pan on low heat with cooking spray I am using smart balance original cooking spray

Step 3 :
form meat into small enough balls to fit onto fries

Step 4 :
fry off small hamburgers
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Step 5 :
once done frying off hamburgers place on paper towel on top of plate to get excess oil off
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Step 6 :
when fries are pretty much done cooking pull tray out place your favorite cheese on put back in oven just for a little to melt the cheese
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Step 7 :
when fries are done cooking pull  tray out and place one hamburger between 2 waffle fries and you just made your very own Fry Bunless Burger
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Yummy FBB’s with or without cheese they are sure to please : )

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Use any of your favorite condiments to put on your FBB’s here are some of our favorites : ) (shown above)

*** GO FBB crazy and add bacon , lettuce, tomato, pickles whatever your heart desires! ***

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