Enough tragedy for young eyes

Today ( April 15th, 2013) we encountered yet another horrible tragedy. In Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Marathon of all places there were 2 explosions that caused so many injuries and so much pain. An event that is a happy one and a big day for so many people had such devastation. My prayers and thoughts are with those who were there today and who have loved ones that were hurt today by these explosions.

I worry about our newest generation of children growing up in these times where there seems to be more tragedy then we can handle. Why is there so much of this happening now? I hope and pray that things get safer and that our children will not fear doing things such as running a marathon in fear that something like this could happen to them. All of these innocent lives taken or hurt by a person or persons actions. I feel like this country has endured enough pain and suffering and I wish it would stop. I am truly saddened by this and I pray for the kids of my daughters generation that things get better. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and I remember being a kid and not being exposed to all of these terrible things.

Hope you and all of your loved ones are safe…

and god bless all of those helpers who are there protecting us!

I love the picture below of Mister Rogers and his amazing quote…


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