Earth Day Snack

A cup of dirt with yummy worms is the perfect Earth Day treat.

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All you need is:
A snack pack pudding
Gummy worms
A small bowl to put your snack in

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I used small ramekins when I made mine and was able to make 2 cups of dirt deliciousness

Just divide the pudding into your bowls and crumble your Oreos and place worms on top. So easy and delicious our kids will want to make it themselves.

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My daughter Mia at first made the funniest looks when I first gave her this “cup of dirt”…

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its like she is saying, “Mommy won’t let me eat the dirt outside when I am playing but I can eat this dirt as a snack in my highchair. hmmm…” lol

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Once she did eat it… she was one happy girl.

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Oh nooo… no more : (

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