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Snazzy Swap is a service for families to exchange/swap their growing children’s clothes, toys, books, and DVDs. This service has been created by moms who are looking for ways to save money for families with children.

Cheryl and Tracy are two local Momees from Long island that thought of this great idea to help save us money and give the things that our kids outgrow so quickly to other local Momees. The process is so cool and they even donate a portion of their profits to kids with special needs. I love Momees that think of a business with a purpose and these Momees have done just that.

Here’s how it works – Three EASY STEPS:

Browse the site and pick a box stuffed with goodies you and your kids will love. Just pay shipping and a small fee to keep us going and they’re yours. Lets face it, getting presents all year long is FUN!

1.Pack goodies that your kids have outgrown into boxes that we send you to your door.

2. Fill out a simple online form describing what’s in your box, then wait for a new friend to select it.

3. We notify you by email once it’s been picked, then you print out your label, tape it to the box and leave outside your home (or wherever you get mail) for USPS to pick up.


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