Getting your child to sleep through the night

I received a few emails from local Momees on any advice/ help with getting their children to sleep through the night!

I have some great refrences to check out from my local library:


1. Sleep for Kids:

2. National Sleep Foundation: Children & Sleep:


5 Days to a Perfect Night’s Sleep for your child: The Secrets to Making Bedtime a Dream – you can purchase on Amazon or get the kindle edition on Amazon

2. Childrens book   Close Your Eyes by kate Banks – you can purchase on Amazon as well.

Fellow Momees any advice is greatly appreciated so please reply with a comment




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  1. Once my daughter hit 4 months she slept 8 hours. I felt like a full tummy before bed was a great help. Once I introduced foods she slept so much better, I was a breastfeeding mom so I wonder if that had anything to do with it too.

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