My 250th Blog Post!

WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is blog number 250 and I want to say THANK YOU!

I have successfully uploaded 250 blog posts and have had a major amount of views on my page thanks to all of you!  All of my fellow Momee Friends thank you so much for helping me make this blog so successful. I love Long Island and all it has to offer.

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 Blogging has become a passion and joy of mine. Mia and I have so much fun together, I love sharing our stories.  Hope you continue to love our blog as much as we do and spread the word about Momee friends of Long Island

Please feel free to comment on my blogs and let me know how I am doing: ( Write me with any advice you need from fellow Momees as well.)

 My goal is to fill up the local section with as much information on all the best places to take our kids. I want to fill up the crafts, and family friendly recipes as well. And I want you to encourage your kids to read and  I want to focus on our amazing fellow Long Island authors ( their stories are great! ) Support Long island there is so much to do here. Family friendly and a great place to live.

Live and Love Life… having a child is not just about parenting we can live life as a child again by doing crafts, kid friendly recipes and venturing out to all fun places like: zoos, parks, ice cream shops, beaches and kid friendly restaurants.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

xoooxooxox Anne- your local Long Island Momee Friend

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My name is Anne and I am a local mommy blogger ... Momee Friends is all about Long Island and all things local with the focus on family

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  1. Anne keep up the good work. I really enjoy all your advice and cooking ideas. I look forward to you everyday

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