National Dog Day!

Give your dog an extra hug/ squeeze today for it is National Dog Day!

We all love our pets… Dogs are truly man/ woman and kids best friend!

A home is so much more cozy with a loveable dog inside of it… that’s this Momee opinion!

If you don’t have a dog/ puppy yet and always wanted one, celebrate National Dog Day and adopt one that needs a loving home!


We have adopted Olivia- a 3 year old Shar-pie / Lab Mix and can not wait to take her home!

We adopted her from Friends of Freddie Pet Rescue located at : 200 Middle Country Road  Middle Island, New York

Phone; (631) 320-1818

Friends of Freddie is an amazing place to adopt a pet from… they have lots of Dogs/ puppies/ cats and kittens that need homes!

Friends of Freddie has a caring staff and a facility that is clean where the dogs are treated properly with lots of love.

Here are some pictures of some loveable dogs and their owners:


This is my in-laws Dog Bolo he is such a mush and we love him so much! He is a White Boxer…

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One of My Best Friends Michelle and her family adopted their beautiful puppy a little over 2 years ago. She was so little when they first got her and here she is now two years later, Maggie is a beautiful black lab mix!

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My best friends Megan and Nic got their puppy in 2011 and their little Charlie is not so little anymore! But ooohhhh so cute…

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and here are some of my favorites of fellow Momee friends kids and their dogs back in May when I had a photo contest:

 National Pet Month- May Contest

Tell me: What type of dog does your family have and why do you love them so much?

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  1. Charlie made it to the web-He’s famous! We got Charlie from a breeder in PA. We found the breeder on, which is a great website to use when you are looking into what breed of dog is best to you/your family.

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