Smore on a Stick (no campfire required!)

These are yummy and not as messy or dangerous to make like Campfire Smores for kids.


To make these you will need:


Chocolate Melts, Large Marshmallows, BBQ Skewers, Graham Crackers (crushed) and Wax Paper.

 You will need a mini chocolate crockpot to melt the chocolate or a double boiler.


1. Put the Marshmallow on the Skewer and dip into melted chocolate


2. Then dip into crushed Graham Crackers


3. Place on Wax Paper and put in fridge for 15 minutes.


Serve and Enjoy!

From my Momee Kitchen to yours… : )

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My name is Anne and I am a local mommy blogger ... Momee Friends is all about Long Island and all things local with the focus on family

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