Sheriff Callie/ Kids Western Party

My daughter loves Sherriff Callie and horses so this year for her 3rd Birthday she wanted a western theme party.

I made a lot of the stuff myself and the kids loved everything we did at the party.


For the party I wanted Mia to have a great hat to wear and a cute shirt.

I got her Pink Tiara Cowboy hat from Amazon —-> click here

and I ordered her personalized shirt from Etsy —-> click here

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Dessert Ideas

1. For the party Mia kept asking me for Callie Cake. So I decided to make Callie Cupcakes using Callie Cupcake picks.

(Which I made myself using images and construction paper and toothpicks)

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2. Smore on a Stick (no campfire required!) Directions —-> click here




1. Pin the Badge on Sheriff Callie:

I painted Sheriff Callie and her horse Sparky on white fabric and glued it onto a purple fabric to make Pin the Badge on Sheriff Callie.

Using foam sticker board I made the badges and the girls loved it.

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2. Mining for Gold:

I put large fake gold pieces in a bin with play sand and let the kids find the gold using a sand sifter.

The kids had so much fun collecting the gold and it is a great sensory activity.

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3. Pony Pinata

I bought a My Little Pony horse for the piñata and filled it with harmonicas, tambourines, and lollipops.

On a small table I had Cowboy/ Cowgirl gear for the kids including bandanas, sheriff hats, badges, stickers, and water guns.

All the gear was bought from Oriental Trading.

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4. Horsehoes

Playing horseshoes is a fun game for kids of all ages. I had bean bag toss available for the kids to play with and potato sacks for a race, too.



Décor for the party

I made some fun stuff including signs, and pictures of Mia’s favorite characters from the show. I also made a wanted poster out of cardboard for everyone to put their faces in to take pictures.

dec 10441007_10152510246322937_3874766352088066909_n decor

I made a horse coral using wooden stakes and twine.

The pool noodle horses are cheap and easy to make. For directions —–> click here


The party was a success and Mia loved her party– YEE-HAW!!!!!!!!!!

With some Momee Crafting, planning ahead of time and buying some goodies from Oriental Trading your party will be a success.

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