Bandana Purse

All you need to make the Bandana Purse is a Bandana, a Hot Glue Gun and Scissors.

So easy to make and your little girl will love it.



Cut the long solid ends off the bandana.

purse  miabag5

Now, fold the bandana in half.


Hot glue the open end so that the two long ends are not open.

miabag9  miabag8


Fold the bandana in half again. Now, there should only be an opening on the top.

Glue sides together.


Now, you will have 3 compartments in your purse. (shown below)


Glue the strips to the top inside of the purse to make the handles.

miabag4 miabag3

miabag2 miabag1

Now, tie the two handles together with a knot.

miabag miaba


Your Bandana Purse is complete and your little one will love it.

mia m


From my Momee Craft Corner to yours. These are so easy and cute to make. The hot glue will keep the Bandana Purse together very well.

A Bandana Purse is perfect for the summer or a Western Theme Party.

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