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Bringing your family to the beach for the day has to be planned out. Kids need a lot of stuff and there are some great products out there that can make the beach day so much easier. A local Momee friend asked me to come up with this list and I thought it was a great idea for a post.

Momee Friend Nicole, “Now that summer is coming here (and I have 3 kids) I’ve been searching the internet for a “list” of all the cool, must have accessories For example, I have a pop up tent for the kids that I LOVE! I’ve also seen this collapsable wagon that is so sturdy kids can sit in! I was just wondering if you did a blog like this or would mind accepting the challenge of such a difficult task! LOL! With 3 kids, the beach can take as much planning as a mini vacation!”

Here is a list I came up with:

1. Monkey Mat  lightweight surface you can take anywhere. This 5′ x5′ mat has weighted corners so it stays down. It is machine washable and can be attached to your diaper bag in a convenient pouch.


available in different colors. Buy yours now —> click here

Watch this video it will convince you that you will want one too:



2. The Castaway Instant Sun Shelter-   opens in three seconds by simply pulling the two draw strings. Breaks down in seconds too!”

This sun shelter is big enough for the whole family. The size is 95″W x 57D” x 53T”



 website: CASTAWAY INSTANT SUN SHELTER (there is a video on the page to see product)

3. Sand and Water Bucket Playset $9.89 (13 pieces)-This is a really fun set that my parents got Mia for the beach. What I love about this is that you can add water to the bucket and have a good time with sand too. And all the toys fit in the container for easy storage and carrying it back and forth from the car to the beach.

See it on Costco Corner —-> click here

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4. Fresh Market Thermal Bag from Thirty One Gifts-  I love this bag to bring to the beach it keeps everything cooler since it is a thermal bag. It is a lightweight tote and fits all the snacks and drinks we need for our beach day.

“This roomy thermal can fit up to two 9″x13″ pans inside, so it’s perfect for potlucks and family picnics! It also has expandable sides that are just the right size to fit 2-liter bottles inside. Plus, it comes with long handles so it’s super easy to carry!”

$50.00 plus tax and shipping on Thirty —-> click here


5. A pop up hamperfor your dirty/ sandy clothes and towels. I got mine from Dollar Tree for $1 and its durable and worth all 100 pennies : )

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6. Swimways Baby Spring Float with canopy-  I use this on the beach to give my almost 3 month old a little shade. The canopy is a nice addition and I just lay a towel on top for extra comfort. My three year old loves laying under it with her sister too.

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7. Coppertone Baby Sunscreen SPF 50- Always protect your little ones from the sun with a great sunscreen. Lotion only so you know it is covering all of your child’s skin. As convenient as the spray is, there has been a lot of research saying that it is not as effective.


8. Babies R Us Disposable Diaper Disposable Sacks-  these bags are great for stinky diapers because they smell so great. you can keep them near your blanket till you get to a trash can without the smell



 9. The Knot Genie –  NO MORE TEARS WHEN BRUSHING HAIR. Mia is using the Knot genie with no problems , but I may get her the Teeny Genie to put in my diaper bag for poolside this summer . I love this product and you will too. I also use Johnson & Johnson Detangling Spray.

Order through the Knot Genie Website


10. A small Igloo Cooler (Ice Cube size)-Perfect for packing a lunch and drinks for a family of four. With a top compartment in the lid that holds plastic silverware and napkins.


11. Babies R Us Stroller Fan- Battery powered and perfect to clip on anything. My favorite part is your child’s fingers are always out of harms way of the blades with the plastic cover on the fan.



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