Pool Noodle Fishing

It is Water Fun Wednesday!

Mia loves fish and fishing for fishies. So I decided to make her kiddie pool a fishing spot for her.

  fishing17 fish

In order to make the pool noodle fish you will need:

2 pool noodles (dollar tree) , Foam sheets, a sharpie marker, wiggly eyes, scissors and a hot glue gun.



First, glue wiggly eyes onto the noodle (shown below).


Then cut the foam sheets to make 2 fins. (shown below)


Cut a slit on the bottom.


 You will fold the bottom up to secure it with glue to the fish.  As you can see the two sides of the slit are in opposite directions.

Once glued then make lines on the fin with Sharpie marker.

fishing11 fishing10

Now, we need to make the tail using one foam sheet. First cut like you see below.


Then cut the big piece like seen below.


Glue the tail to the back of the fish. And make lines on the tail as well, using the sharpie marker.

fishing7 fishing6

Make at least six of these for a fun fishing game.

fishing5 fishing16

To play: you will need a kiddie pool filled with water, your pool noodle fish, and a butterfly net ( found mine at dollar tree).


Your child can catch the fish standing up walking around the pool.

fishing4 fishing3 fishing2

Or sitting in a chair outside the pool.

fishi fishin

Mia had such a great time telling me, “I got one!”

fish fis

After catching all her fish she put them back in the pool and jumped in to cool off with them.

fishing fishing1

Enjoy cooling off this summer playing Pool Noodle Fishing. These pool noodle fish will last for a while. Using hot glue on the foam of a pool noodle withstands the roughness of being thrown around and being in the water.

We love POOL NOODLE FISHING , You will too.

From one Momee Friend to another have fun! : )

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