Fresh and Tasty Corn and Recipe

 It is Fresh and Tasty Friday … local crop of the day is Corn!

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Corn this time of year on Long Island is perfect. An ear of corn is so sweet and delicious from any local farm or farm stand.

Farms on Long Island where you can get your fresh corn:

Harbes Family Farm —–> click here

Lewin Farms  —–> click here

and when you go to your local food store buy locally grown corn! Support our Long Island Farmers!

My favorite way to eat corn is right on the cob with melted butter. So delicious!

Make corn on the cob in minutes: If you have not seen this trick on the computer already this is how you can make corn on the cob in the microwave. It is so easy and convenient.


First, place corn in microwave. Husk and all for 4 minutes per ear of corn in microwave.


Take out with oven mitt because the corn is super hot. Place on a cutting board.


Now cut off end of corn with a knife.


Turn the corn upside down and the corn will slide out of the husk easily with no mess.

corn5 corn4

Put butter or margarine on cob and let cool. You are ready to enjoy your local sweet corn on the cob!


A Momee Friend Corn Recipe:
1. Corn Pancakes- these are so delicious and easy to make using corn fresh during the summer and fall months or from the can off season. I love this for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
For recipe—-> click here

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2. Make a fun dinner for your family. Using corn as the topping (sprinkles) on a Meatloaf cupcake.
For recipe —–> click here

meatloafcupcakes 017

Enjoy your fresh local corn! ; )
From my Momee kitchen to yours.


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