Push a Pencil Through a Bag of Water

If you push a pencil through a bag of water it is going to leak, right?
Nope, actually if you do this correctly it won’t leak at all. Not only will you be amazed but so will your family and friends.


I saw this on Steve Spangler Science —–> The Leak-Proof Bag – Science Trick

***”Polymer chains work together to prevent water from leaking out of a bag.”***



TIP: Make sure you have sharpened pencils! When you do this trick and put the pencil through make sure you DO NOT put the metal and eraser part through because then it will leak.

First, fill your Ziploc bag with water. Hold your bag over a sink ( the first time you do it)


Next, stick the sharpened pencil through the water filled part of the bag.

Don’t be scared you can do it!

6 5 4

WOW! So cool it really worked… I then used another pencil and repeated the above step.

3 2 1

You can stick as many pencils through as you can and it will still work.

How Does It Work? go to Steve Spangler Science page to find out —-> click here

The answer is in chemistry and has to do with polymers.



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