DIY Kids Party Game

When you think of a child’s party game; Pin the Tail on the Donkey always comes to mind.
Be creative with it and instead of the classic donkey and a tail attached, make your child’s favorite character.
This is a fun DIY and costs so little to make.


The first one I thought to make was Doc McStuffins.

I painted the characters on a white fabric or a light colored fabric that I purchased at Joanne’s Fabric and Crafts. I use 1/2 yard of fabric per image.

I just find an image I like on Google Images and I look at the image while painting it free hand.

I made a Doc, Hallie, Lambie and Stuffy. (seen below)

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Once the painting is dry I hot glue it onto a colored fabric to make it look nice.

I used band-aids to pin on the characters. Pin the Band-aid on Doc McStuffins.

To Play:

Play the game like you would Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Hand the child the Band-Aid, spin them a couple of times with their eyes closed or blindfolded. Once you have them facing towards the image have them pin the Band-Aid. Whoever comes closest to wear Doc is “hurting” that game wins.

For instance, before you start the game say…” Oh no kids Doc got a boo boo on her knee. Whoever comes closest to her knee wins. “

Anne phone pics 2348 Anne phone pics 2349

Then I made for Mia’s 3rd Birthday Party; Pin the Badge on Sheriff Callie.

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For all my Sheriff Callie Birthday ideas —-> click here

For my Nephew’s 5th Birthday I made Pin the Pizza on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Anne phone pics 2369 Anne phone pics 2373

These are fun to make and are a great keepsake for the child to have. Even after a bunch of uses it is in perfect condition.
If you make one for each party your child has. They will have a collection of Pin the “something ” on the “something” and they will know the theme from each party. It makes for a great gift from the parent or loved one that can draw free hand.
From my Momee craft corner to yours… Happy Crafting!

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