Peter Pan Playdate

 Last week I had a Peter Pan Playdate at my house. The kids had so much fun dressing up like pirates and fairies.

All you needed to get into the party was Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!


Welcome to Neverland…

I had this sign greeting the kids when they walked in with Peter Pan on it and the Rulez of Neverland.


 I love to reuse Cardboard boxes and making things with them. Not only did I make a Peter Pan sign but I also made this cute sign pointing to different locations in Neverland.


The first stop in the playdate I am going to take you to is the Lost Boys Area. Here my husband and I made a Teepee.

See directions for the teepee —-> click here

* I made the flag banner with construction paper and twine and I made the signs using scrap pieces of cardboard and paint.*

IMG_0987 IMG_1003

I also made Crocodile Creek.

Here I laid out a blue tarp ( to look like water) and a piece of wood (for the plank).

Of course Crocodile Creek needs the Tic Toc Croc so I made a Bottle Crocodile —-> directions here

I put our little slide on the tarp as well, for the kids to slide down and walk the plank.

10561762_804769762888065_6268579428595281955_n IMG_0971 IMG_0973

I made a pirate scope by painting a Styrofoam hot/cold cup and a paper towel roll and gluing them together.

IMG_0969 10403406_804769786221396_5589188343930621456_n

Then on Pinterest I saw these adorable Captain Hook hands made out of solo cups and angers. Instead of hangers I just rolled the aluminum foil to look like hooks so the kids did not get hurt.


Also, on Pinterest I saw a game called feed the Tic Toc Croc and I made that too for the kids. Using a cardboard piece I painted the croc on the box and cut a hole where his mouth is. They just threw bean bags into the crocs’ mouth.

10347690_804769716221403_3914851826838790174_n 10624557_10152628955272937_8759183401524925526_n

Next, I made Pixie Hollow. Here the girls were able to get their wings and fairy wands to dress up with.

* You can purchase the wings from your local dollar tree.*

I also had a box for the kids to make a pixie dust necklace take home with them.

All the necklace was made with were ribbon, little bags, a white label with Pixie Dust written on it and my pixie dust was glitter. I had a container for the kids to scoop their pixie dust from and put in the bag.

IMG_0998  10615517_10152628954297937_7397563617364563381_n

IMG_0980 16054_804770012888040_2490524853697417992_n

I made a tea area for the kids to play with in Pixie Hollow. I first made cute mushroom seats for the kids to sit on using just red fabric and white paint.

IMG_0940 IMG_0977

I saw how easy it was to make a hula hoop hideout on Alanna George Craft Page —> click here

I still have it hanging from my tree, my daughter loves playing under it.

IMG_0967 10446678_10152628954527937_7876632109569424147_n

I had crafts for the kids to make pirate swords and pirate hats. These were all bought from Oriental Trading Company.

The kids looked so cute…

16686_10152628963972937_2242370830793413371_n 10615957_10152628954762937_61131197404883386_n

Every pirate loves treasure so I had a container filled with sand, gems and coins for the kids to collect.

1558505_804769816221393_7096712165999723622_n IMG_1000 10350358_10152628953602937_2375227743190312505_n

And no Pirate Playdate would be complete if there wasn’t a treasure hunt… so I had the kids look around the yard at the end of the playdate. Inside was gold coins, necklaces and rings.

My Treasure Chest was The Jake and the Neverland Pirates Pull- Ups Training kit now available.

unnamed unnamed1

10614159_10152628955347937_76454525038111115_n 10614106_804770189554689_182641444289734396_n

Hope you have a Great Peter Pan Playdate and this blog post helps you make your party so much fun on a small budget.

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