Water balloon Target T-Shirts & Game

I decided to make this fun game for our family to play using water balloons and target t-shirts.
My toddler loves water balloons (like every child does) so we thought it would be fun to make us target t-shirts for her to throw at.


I went to Michael’s craft store and bought 3 of the same color t-shirts (one for my husband, one for my daughter and one for myself)

I then just used a color paint I had Mia choose and a paintbrush to draw the target with. I hung them to dry and once they were dry we were ready to play. So simple and easy to do. : )

IMG_0820 IMG_0822


Get your shirts on and get ready to play!


We filled our water balloons and began to throw them at each other’s targets. The whole concept of the game is to break as many water balloons on the other opponents t-shirts as possible. Whoever breaks the most and breaks them in the targets wins.

waterballo waterba

waterball waterballoons

waterbal waterb

Invite another family over but have them wear a different color;  see what family has better aim. The adults and kids will love this game.

Best thing is water balloons don’t hurt so the kids and adults do not have to worry throwing them at one another.

There were a lot of laughs and my daughter loved the t-shirts and wants to play this game everyday in the summer.

Stay cool with a fun water balloon game from my family to yours… Enjoy! 

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