Bean Bag Sock Olaf

Whose child loves Frozen? If I was in a room I guarantee a lot of hands would go up.
Olaf is such a cute character in the film and my daughter loves him. I decided to make Olaf out of a sock with beans in it after I had made a Snowman Bean Bag this past winter.


What you need to make Olaf can all be found at your local Dollar Tree.

You need:

1 Large Man’s Crew sock (they come in a pair for $1),

2 bags of dry white beans,

1 Orange pipe cleaner,

3 black pom poms,

2 large wiggle eyes,

1 white piece of paper,

1 brown crayon.

On hand at your house you will need 5 thin rubber bands, hot glue gun, a black Sharpie marker and scissors.


First fill your sock with one bag of dry white beans.

olaf15 olaf16

Use the rubber band and wrap till it is tight to make the bottom of Olaf’s body.

You will then grab two small amounts from the front to make two of his feet. Wrap tight with a rubber band (as shown)


Fill the rest of the sock with 3/4 of the second bag of white beans.

And make a middle body wrapping the rubber band tightly and then make a third ball for the head. ( show below)

I used hot glue near the rubber band of each section except the feet and top of head to keep the ball sections together.


Next, I took my 3 black pom poms and glued them onto the body.

olaf13 olaf12

I then cut a piece of orange pipe cleaner to make his nose. I glued the eyes right above the nose and next to one another.

Using the black sharpie I drew his eyebrows and smiling mouth.


I cut the top extra of the sock off. (You can discard it we won’t be using it.)


I then made Olaf’s hair and arms using a brown crayon and white construction paper.

I glued his hair on top of his head over the rubber band. And I glued his arms to the middle of his body on each side.

* Make sure to color the back and front brown since you will see both sides. *

olaf9  olaf8

olaf6 olaf7


I gave the Bean Bag Sock Olaf to my daughter Mia while she was watching Frozen. By the look on her face I think she loved it.

olaf3 olaf2 olaf1

As you can see Olaf is very cute and your child is going to want to hold him. But, using a pipe cleaner for the nose make sure you give it to a child who will not hurt themselves with the pipe cleaner while holding him. Also, the arms and hair are made of paper so it could rip easy. I think the next one I make I will make the arms and hair out of felt and the nose as well. It will make it more kid friendly!

From my Momee Craft Corner to yours… Happy Crafting!

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