Cute Pom Pom Spider


 A fun craft for Halloween … these spiders are so cute and look great in your spider webs you get from your local dollar store.


All you need to make these cute spiders are:

1 large pom pom, 4 pipe cleaners, 2 wiggly eyes and a hot glue gun



First, glue two pipe cleaners together and bend like in the picture shown below.


Then, glue the other pipe cleaners on top of one another and bend them too.


Hot Glue the large pom pom on top.


Then, hot glue the wiggly eyes on the large pom pom.


What is fun about this craft is that even though the Momee is doing all the hot gluing because the hot glue is dangerous for little fingers.

My daughter usually does not like real spiders but loves these cute little spiders.

IMG_1556 IMG_1563

I decorate my front window with the spider webs from the dollar store. They come with small plastic spiders but these easy to make spiders really stand out and can be seen so much easier.

IMG_1681  IMG_1682 IMG_1680

From my Momee Craft Corner to yours… Happy Crafting!

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