Easy Fall Kids Crafts

It is the first day of Fall start of Fall with an easy and fun craft with your kids.

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Fall Tree Craft
To make the Fall Tree you will need:

1 White sheet of construction paper, glue stick, tissue paper (green, yellow, orange) , brown crayon, scissors, and a green marker.



First, cut the tissue paper up into smaller squares.


Trace your child’s hand with a brown crayon.

IMG_1568 IMG_1569

Have your child color in their hand with the brown crayon. Using your green marker trace around the tree and add grass. (shown below)


Have your child glue the tissue paper pieces around the tree.

IMG_1572 IMG_1571

Your artwork is complete.



A September craft
What you need to make this craft is:

Red construction paper, a red pipe cleaner, a green pipe cleaner, 5 small green pom poms, 2 wiggly eyes, glue stick, green marker, and a brown crayon. 


Shape the red pipe cleaner into an apple and glue it to the paper.


Then, take your green pipe cleaner and shape it into leaves and glue it to the paper. (shown below)


Make your worm for the apple by gluing the green pom poms together and then gluing on two wiggly eyes to the first green pom pom.


Glue the worm by the apple and finish the project by adding a brown stem.


I hung the two projects near our calendar. It is the first day of Fall and I look forward to making it a fun filled one.


From my Momee Craft Corner to yours… Happy Crafting!

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