Pumpkin Decorating

How are you going to decorate your pumpkins this year?


Below are ideas for you and your family to decorate your pumpkins.
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This one is so easy and so cute —-> Mummy Pumpkins 40b852464c8b3dd571b79b91e622244e

Just wrap gauze around your pumpkin (or toilet paper) then glue googly eyes on your pumpkin. Using a sharpie marker draw the mouth.



Minion Pumpkins are so much fun and a popular pumpkin idea. dc9dcda20d691dcf57aee73ca8a46868



I love this Cookie Monster Pumpkin it is so cute and makes me want to gobble up a bunch of cookies. 738307ee929cdf3a494b5cc956309994



Every child loves FROZEN and these pumpkins are so cute.

This Elsa inspired pumpkin sparkles and is the perfect shade of blue for your ice princess. Disney-Elsa-Pumpkin-Tutorial


elsa elsa1

This pumpkin shown above was a carving done by Adam Kaplan for his daughter, Hailey.  He did such a wonderful job I had to share it with all of you. I know my daughter would love these on our porch.


If you would like to get Free Disney Pumpkin Carving Patterns—–> go to frugalfanatic.com   a3413cb1cf9d9187d2767e0132d6283e


I was so excited to make a Mike Wazowski Pumpkin from Monsters Inc.


He is so cute and makes the perfect pumpkin.

All you need to make this pumpkin is:

a round pumpkin, green, navy blue, black and white acrylic paint, a blue painters hat


First, paint your blue painters hat like the one Mike wears in the movie.

Paint a white circle. Then, using a black Sharpie draw the M with the eye in it. Then paint it using navy blue and black acrylic paint.

IMG_2382 IMG_2397


Now, paint your pumpkin completely green. ( They call it lily pad green)


Now, paint on the eye and the mouth using your white, black and navy blue acrylic paints.

IMG_2399 IMG_2400

IMG_2401 IMG_2402


Put your hat on the pumpkin and using straight pins from your sewing kit attach the hat to the pumpkin.

Also, using your white acrylic paint draw a horn on each side of his head.

IMG_2407 IMG_2408

You have complete your Mike Wazowski Pumpkin!

Set it in your favorite place to be displayed and enjoy your Halloween.

IMG_2405 IMG_2411

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Decorating from my Momee Halloween Fun Craft corner to yours…. : )


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