Turkey Pinecone Craft

A cute craft that will bring a smile to the faces of your Thanksgiving guests.
Head out and find pinecones to make this cute Turkey Pinecone Craft.


For this craft you need:

Pinecone, Feathers (fall colors like red, green, orange and yellow) , Large Pom Pom, Orange Construction Paper, Wiggly Eyes and an Orange Pipe cleaner. And of course a hot glue gun to hold everything in place.



First, hot glue the feathers onto the pinecone.

IMG_2745 IMG_2746

Then, twist the orange pipe cleaner around the center of the pinecone and bend the pipe cleaner to look like legs and feet.

IMG_2747 IMG_2749

Glue the large pop pom to the font of the cone and hot glue the face onto the pom pom. (shown below)


IMG_2755 IMG_2757

* You can use these as place cards for your guests at Thanksgiving dinner. My family is never that formal but it doesn’t mean a cute turkey won’t be greeting them at their plate.*

I have seen these on Pinterest and I even made one last year with Mia at a playdate.

I loved making this so much I had to do it again and share it with all of my fellow Crafting Momees.

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