Christmas Party Hats

Cute Elf and Christmas Tree Hats perfect for a holiday party.

xmas HATS

My daughter loves wearing birthday party hats so I love to paint them and decorate them for different occasions. I saw the idea of Elf Hats on Pinterest so I made my own along with a Christmas Tree Hat.

Materials needed:

Birthday Party Hat

Green Acrylic Paint

Pom Poms

Yellow Foam Sheet

Red and Silver Tinsel Pipe Cleaners

Black Sharpie Marker

Hot Glue Gun



First, paint your birthday party hats green and let dry!

IMG_3890 IMG_3891

Then, cut out two elf ear shapes out of the yellow foam sheet.


Take the red and silver tinsel pipe cleaners cut them in half and then twist them together.


Then, assemble the two hats.


For the Elf—-> Hot glue the ears on each side of the hat and using the black Sharpie Marker draw on the ears.

Hot glue pom poms to the hat and add the pipe cleaner to the top of the hat.


For the Christmas Tree Hat —–> Cut out a star using the yellow foam sheet.

Hot glue a red pipe cleaner around the green hat. (looks like tree garland)

Glue pom poms to the hat to look like ornaments.


An easy and simple Christmas craft that you can make for your little ones to wear.

My daughter’s loved looking at each other in these hats.

And I loved seeing them wear them : )

IMG_3936 IMG_3935

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