Frozen Inspired Holiday Centerpiece

Make the center of your holiday table look elegant with a ‘Frozen’ touch that will make your children smile.

I love having this Frozen Inspired Centerpiece on my dining room table.

It is so pretty and costs very little to make.


To make this craft you need:

a glass vase

colorful ornaments

silver ornaments

blue ribbon

snowflake silver and white ornaments

free frozen printable images

white acrylic paint

large tree branches from outside

scotch tape

hot glue gun


First, find 2 separate branches from outside. I looked in my backyard till I found the perfect branches with enough little extensions to hang the ornaments from.

Once you find the branches, paint them white.


Take your glass vase and fill I with colorful ornaments (both small and medium sized). At Michael’s Craft store I found the ornaments used and I loved the medium-sized ones that already had snowflakes on them.

I also wrapped a blue ribbon around the vase.

Once your branches are dry insert them into the vase as well, surrounding them all the way to the top with the ornaments.


Using silver ornaments I made ‘Frozen’ character ornaments by using hot glue to attach free images onto them.

I resized the images to make them much smaller than the images below.


From the branches hang the ‘Frozen’ ornaments you made and the snowflake ornaments you bought.

( I found my ornaments at the local Dollar Tree and craft stores)

IMG_4325 IMG_4327

IMG_4329 IMG_4330

Also, at me local dollar tree I found these crafting gems that looked like ice. I scotch taped them to dental floss and hung them for the branches as well.

IMG_4242 IMG_4244

Your centerpiece is complete!

Happy Frozen crafting from my Momee Craft corner to yours…


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