‘Frozen’ Inspired Crafts

 My daughters love the movie Frozen and the love they have for the movie is my inspiration when crafting!


In this post are all my Frozen crafts that you can make with your family. They are easy enough to make and a lot require the use of a hot glue gun so when crafting make sure little fingers are nowhere near the hot glue gun.

She says elder daughter, Mia, 3, is obsessed with everything “Frozen.” “I save everything: cardboard tubes, tissue boxes, everything,” says Caminiti, who uses them to make “Frozen”-inspired items at home. “If she smiles and loves it, I know it is a successful craft.”- Newsday (Dec.19th, 2014)

Kids Crafts:

Bean Bag Sock Olaf

Olaf is such a cute character in the film and my daughter loves him. I decided to make Olaf out of a sock with beans in it after I had made a Snowman Bean Bag this past winter.

Elsa Inspired DIY Girls Cape

Your daughter will love wearing this cape especially when she watches Frozen and acts out the entire movie being Elsa.


Surprise Troll Craft

We love the trolls from the movie Frozen. I wanted to make a cute craft that my daughter could play with over and over again. Here is our Surprise Troll for you to craft and make with your family.


Sven Craft

This cardboard tube Sven looks adorable as a decoration for Christmas or in your child’s Frozen Inspired room. We love-making crafts inspired from the movie Frozen.


Olaf Snow Measuring Stick

“Do you wanna build a snowman?”- Olaf

olaf snow measuring


Frozen Decorations:

Olaf Wreath

This is a cute wreath to make for a Winter Decoration.
The Olaf Wreath brings Warm Hugs to all those who come to your house.

olafwreath newsday

OLAF WREATH Using Styrofoam forms, strips of fabric, construction paper and twigs from the yard can turn a simple craft to something worthy of “warm hugs,” as Olaf says.– Newsday (December 19th, 2014)

image3 News 12 Long Island – Holiday Help (Dec. 15th, 2014)

Princess Elsa Wreath – Frozen Inspired

I was excited to make a Frozen wreath for her bedroom door for the holidays.
(But, I will probably keep it up year round since she will demand it stay up!)


“Frozen” Inspired Ornaments

We have made our own Frozen Christmas Tree this year with ornaments we made ourselves.

frozen xmas tree

IMG_4130 IMG_4241

IMG_3994 IMG_4265

image1 image

News 12 Long Island – Holiday Help (Dec. 15th, 2014)

Christmas Tree Skirts ‘Frozen’ themed

IMG_3982 IMG_4274

‘Frozen ‘ inspired centerpiece

Make the center of your holiday table look elegant with a ‘Frozen’ touch that will make your children smile.


Frozen Inspired Gloves

Adding to our Frozen decor I decided to make simple Frozen inspired Elsa Gloves.
They are not like the ones Elsa wears in the movie but I think they are adorable.
So easy and so cheap to make.


‘Frozen’ Christmas Stockings and Santa Hat

stocking stocking1



Make Play Snow with Two Ingredients!  <——– click for directions

Watch Elizabeth Hashagen and I make this recipe on News 12 Long Island —–> click here

snowmanplay IMG_9987

Holiday Help: Frozen crafts on News 12 Long Island (Dec.15th, 2015)

Momee Friends LI blogger Anne Caminiti gives us some ideas in today’s Holiday Help.

see video—–> click here

image1 image3


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