DIY Moana Costume

My girls love Moana and I knew I had to come up with my own costume for my oldest daughter to wear.

Of course, I used items I already had to make an inexpensive version of Moana’s outfit in the movie. I even made a cardboard oar to complete the costume.

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Winter Inspired Crafting

It is Winter and they are so many great crafts you can be doing with your little ones. Here are some great ideas that we wanted to share. When I think of Winter Snow, Snowflakes , Penguins and Igloos all come to mind. These Winter inspired crafts in the post below have all of those and more.

winter inspired crafts

Tune into News 12 Long Island for Winter Fun Ideas on Thursday, February 18th, 2016. Starting at 5am during the morning show with Elizabeth Hashagen.

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Mongolian Beef Recipe

Do you love the Mongolian Beef Dish at P.F.Chang’s as much as we do? My husband and I wish we could get over to P.F. Chang’s more often but this recipe definitely satisfied our craving after searching the web for one just like the dish we love.

mongolian beef recipe

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Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

How festive are these Sugar Cone Christmas Trees?

They are so easy to make your kids will enjoy decorating them with you.

sugar cone christmas trees

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Water Color Monsters

Make the fear of monsters go away by making some silly water color monsters.


My daughter loves the movie Inside Out and crafting so we combined the two to make a craft inspired by the emotion fear.

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How to Bring “Joy” into a Big Move


How to Bring “Joy” into a Big Move


Are you like Riley from the movie Inside Out and had to move to a different house and make new friends? Riley had to leave her friends, school, house and her hockey team too. Riley felt many different emotions about having to move. There were times that she felt angry, disgust, joy, fear and sadness. In the end, Riley learned that it was normal to feel all of these emotions when there are big changes being made. She also learned how to make a new life in a whole new state a really happy one. If you’re moving to a new state or town, let’s see if these suggestions can help you!

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