Christmas Choo Choo Train Craft

My daughters love trains and at Christmas time we always get even more excited about trains. So I decided to make a choo choo train craft out of recyclable items.


With this craft I got inspired to make a choo choo train after finishing Pringles. I thought the can would make the perfect train body.

What you need:

Empty Pringles Can

Empty Benadryl Box

Empty Bubbles Container

Pom Poms

Green Tinsel Pipe cleaner

Green Craft Sticks

Green Buttons (small and big)

Google Eyes

Cotton Balls

Black Sharpie Marker

Green Marker

Red, White and Green Construction Paper

Green, White and Red Acrylic Paint


First, Paint the Pringles can and clear top red.


Paint the Benadryl box and the bubbles container white.

Once the Benadryl box is dry cut out a rectangular opening on one side of the box. (shown below)


Hot Glue the Box and Bubble container to the Pringles Can. Then, hot glue the top of the bubbles container to the Pringles can top. (shown below)

IMG_4288 IMG_4289

Add the buttons and craft sticks to make them look like the wheels of the train. (shown below)

IMG_4290 IMG_4291

Now, it is time to make Santa.

You will need: 5 small white pom poms, 2 small wiggly eyes, stretched out cotton ball, one medium white sparkle pom pom, 1 red piece of construction paper, one piece of white construction paper and a sharpie marker.

To make Santa: Cut out a hat shape and body with one arm out of the red construction paper.

Cut one white circle for the head. Also, cut one white mitten for Santa to have at the end of his waving arm.

Assemble Santa stretch out the cotton ball to make beard/moustache on face. glue Santa inside the opening of the Benadryl cut out.

IMG_4293 IMG_4294

Add all the little embellishments to make the Santa Express look adorable. I used the Green Marker to write the Santa Express along the side of the Pringles Can and write North Pole on the Bubble Container. I added pom poms around the choo choo train. And curled the tinsel to look like steam. Have fun with it and it will look adorable.

IMG_4297 IMG_4300

IMG_4301 IMG_4302


Merry Christmas Crafting from my Momee Craft Corner to yours…

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