Peep Bird House

A fun Spring activity to do with the family now that those yummy chick PEEPS are in all the stores.

Building houses with graham crackers and marshmallow fluff is not just for during the holiday season anymore : )

peep birdhouse craft

To make these Peep Birdhouses all you need is:

Graham Cracker Squares, Peeps, Robin Eggs, Marshmallow Fluff, and Edible Easter Grass



Make a floor, add 3 sides and connect with marshmallow fluff (shown below)

IMG_6610 IMG_6613

Then add the roof with two more squares and you have completed the structure of the house.

IMG_6614 IMG_6615

Add in Edible Grass ( I found this at a craft store) and your chick peep and robin eggs to make your bird house complete.

IMG_6617 IMG_6628

I saw this as a Pin on Pinterest and had to try it. They look adorable on the table and your kids will love them.

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