Sweet ‘n’ Savory- a crepe and rice pudding bar

Located in Port Jefferson’s Chandler Square the dining experience here will excite your taste buds.

sweet n savory

When I saw the words Rice Pudding Bar I had to check this place out. One of my husband’s favorite desserts is rice pudding and I could not wait to see what Sweet ‘n’ Savory had to offer in the heart of Port Jefferson.

They “have more than a dozen delish flavors and gluten free options are available. “

Read more and see the menu of flavors —> click here

The Rice Pudding Bar had a great variety of different flavors and the case it was in was super clean and looked very fresh. I gave the French Toast Rice Pudding a try and it was amazing. The perfect texture you expect from a rice pudding with a sweet flavor that I enjoyed very much. I brought home the original rice pudding and Mike loved it. He even remarked it was, “the best rice pudding he has ever had.”


The staff were super friendly and very helpful in making the hard decisions of which of these awesome crepes you should try.

There is a great variety of Crepes that are available in sweet and savory options. The crepes are made and prepared right in front of you. Which is fun and exciting for the kids to see.

sweet n savory1 sweetnsavory

There was a variety of crepes on the menu and it was hard to choose but we went with #13 on the Sweet Crepe Menu – Nutella, Banana, Strawberries & Whipped Cream  

and it was definitely yummy : )

sweetnsavory2 sweetnsavory5

When sitting in the comfy booth or at one of the tables you will love reading all the witty décor on the walls. It is a cute and comfy spot in Port Jefferson and I can not wait to go back and indulge in more flavors at the rice pudding bar and enjoy another freshly made crepe.


Check out their website —> Sweet n Savory

Located at:

104 Main Street Port Jefferson, NY  11777



Sweet n Savory is a Momee Friends favorite for their delicious rice pudding and comfortable atmosphere!

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