“Moon” Paint

Being it is a Full Moon tonight I wanted to do something fun with the kids that incorporates the Moon. I saw Moon Dust Paint on Pinterest by Learn-Play-Imagine.com  and I had to give it a try.


What is great about this paint is that it is so simple to make and is perfect for coloring in the moon. I love making my own paint and using a piece of chalk was a new texture of paint that was very appealing not only to the eye but touch once it is dry too.

In their recipe on Learn-Play-Imagine they said to use black chalk. And that would make for a great starry night but we did not have any black chalk left so we used a light purple.

See the recipe on Learn-Play-Imagine.com  —> click here

Supplies you need:

Chalk (any color you like)

Cold Water




black construction paper


First, put your piece of chalk in a Ziploc bag and use a hammer or a rolling bin (pictured below) to crush the chalk. At first you need to hit the chalk hard and then you can roll it to make fine pieces. I left some small pieces and you will see why.

moonpaint2 moonpaint3

Transfer from Ziploc bag to container


and then add in a small amount of cold water and mix


Add in glitter ( I like a lot of glitter to make the pictures sparkle)

We loved how the paint looked


We always reuse containers for our craft projects! See how we used a Ralph’s Italian Ice container for our “Moon” Paint mixture.

The paint once mixed was ready to use. I drew a moon and stars picture on the black construction paper. And my daughter had fun painting over it.

moonpaint8 moonpaint6 moonpaint9

I left the small pieces of chalk because your child will think of them as “moon rocks” the texture was a lot of fun. There was lots of giggles and smiles when painting with her new “Moon” paint.

moonpaint10 moonpaint7

The paint left a gritty and wet look to the paper. And where we used crayon on the paper it seemed to pop through the paint. As you can see with the star on the top right picture.


Once dried it really looked like the color of the moon with some shimmer from the glitter. And once it has dried shake the picture over the garbage some of the small chalk pieces will fall off but a lot of them will stay!

HAPPY MOON CRAFTING… from my Momee Craft corner to yours!

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And a Big Thank YOU to Learn-Play-Imagine for this fun idea.

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