Spooky Science for Kids

Halloween is right around the corner here is a  fun science and sensory activity to do with your little ones inspired by Halloween!


Spooky expanding ghost experiment using a balloon, baking soda and vinegar. Kids drop the baking soda into the vinegar filled water bottle and watch the magic happen. Craft courtesy of Anne Caminiti from Momee Friends LI. (Credit: Taylor Adamczyk – News 12 )

Blowing up a Balloon with two ingredients!

All you need is:

An empty water bottle


Latex Balloon

Baking Soda


  1. Fill the balloon with about 2 teaspoons of Baking Soda

2.  Fill the empty water bottle a third of the way with vinegar

3. Place the bottom of balloon around the top of the water bottle

4. When ready have your child lift the baking soda contents into the water bottle by lifting the balloon straight up above it.

Watch what happens… it is so cool!


Check out the segment on News 12 Long Island….

click here

*for Halloween I just added the ghost face balloon and wrote Boo on the front of the balloon with a black sharpie marker*

I got this idea from the Pinterest Pin Below:

Inflate a balloon with a few simple household items and kids will be amazed with this simple science experiment for kids.:

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