Historic Haunts of Long Island

Long Island’s haunted past comes to life in the book, Historic Haunts of Long Island: Ghosts and Legends from the Gold Coast to Montauk Point, by award-winning author, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky. Long Island is definitely a hotbed for ghostly tales and urban legends.

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Here’s a list of some of the eeriest sites to see:

Rayman Hall, Oyster Bay – It is believed that the ghost of Robert Townsend was seen at the top of the Victorian staircase, and ghost hunting professionals claim that the hallway of this house may be a ghostly vortex, or portal in which spirits or objects can manifest themselves.

Author Selene Castrovilla wrote a great article about Raynham Hall —> click here

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Gourmet Whaler, Cold Spring Harbor – Main Street in Cold Spring Harbor may be one of the most haunted streets on Long Island. The Gourmet Whaler is believed to be haunted by a spirit by the name of Lilian Feldman.

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Deepwells Farm, St. James – a magnificent Greek revival home in St. James is known as the scariest house in all of St. James, it has since been renovated and is believed to have many spirits dwelling there from days gone by, and visitors have heard the plucking and pulling of a cello or guitar string.

Country House Restaurant, Stony Brook – known to be haunted by the beautiful Annette Williamson for over one hundred years.

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Image found on their website —-> click here

The Old Bethpage Village Restoration, Old Bethpage – travel back in time on dirt roads and tree-lined paths that lead you to a showcase of fifteen 19th century homes which have been moved from various parts of Long Island. Some claim that by moving the house, the unrestful spirits of those who once lived there have come back to make their presence known.

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Sweet Hollow Road, Melville – there are so many stories of reported ghosts and tales of terror of this narrow winding roadway surrounded by woods on both sides. You’re sure to get the jitters driving along this road, especially on a moonless night!

Katie’s Bar, Smithtown – probably the most publicized haunted locations on Long Island, ghosts and spirits about at the small and popular nightspot on a regular basis. The bar is famous for glasses flying, employees and customers alike seeing and feeling the presence of ghosts and sprits.

Dozens of other locations like the Fire Island Lighthouse and Cutchogue Village Green, and as far East as the Montauk Manor are all known to be haunted. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, dare to visit some of these haunted spots and take a journey in Long Island’s rich cultural history!


Visit these places if you Dare…

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