Garage Storage Solutions For the Busy Family

 Get rid of the mess and stress with The Organized Garage (by Wood Kingdom)

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Wake up, get the kids ready, school, errands, soccer practice, dinner, bedtime repeat. Being a parent of a child with a busy schedule can be overwhelming at times. Not only overwhelming, but time-consuming. At the end of a long day some tasks, like organizing the garage, can fall by the wayside. When not tended to, your garage becomes an out of control, unorganized monster.

The Organized Garage (by Wood Kingdom) takes on the burden of organizing your garage. This company is a family business dedicated to serving the Long Island community. It takes your most disorganized space and turns it into your home’s best asset. An organized garage will help facilitate your family’s busy life. Check out these before-and-after photos!

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The company’s primary objective is to simplify your life by taking control of your messy, stress-inducing garages. It offers industry leading garage storage systems customized specifically for your garage and budget. With products like garage cabinets, shelving, overhead racks and garage floor coatings, you can regain control of your garage.


The secret behind storage success is high quality, cutting-edge products. By getting your items hung on the wall, square footage is maximized. The Organized Garage offers shelving and accessories to hang your kids backpacks, lunch boxes, coats and sports equipment. All your kid’s gear will be within accessible reach for when you’re headed out in a hurry. Check out this awesome Sports Ball Bag!

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The Organized Garage has a simple process. First, the company sends an authorized garage professional to your home to creates a customized organization plan designed for your garage, free of charge. This plan is drafted around your specific needs and budget. The dealer will then install the storage products you have chosen. After installation, trained professionals will help you organize your items on your new system with you.


The Organized Garage understands that with a clean garage, comes a clean conscience. This gives busy families time to focus on things that really matter, such as living a healthy, organized and fulfilled life. Call today to set up your free estimate!

The Organized Garage (by Wood Kingdom)

Website —> click here

Phone: (347)394-0600

Address: 111 Milbar Blvd Farmingdale, New York 11735

monkey bars - storage system

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