Goal Achiever at Keep Moving Forward- Meet Chloe

Because…    “All Goals Can Be Achieved When You Believe”

Chloe is  6-years-old and receives physical therapy at Keep moving Forward in Garden City.

chloe keep moving foward

Read her inspirational story told to us by her mother.

Chloe was born 3 weeks early and suffered a traumatic birth which caused multiple brain hemorrhages and seizures. She was officially diagnosed with spastic quad cerebral palsy.  Despite her busy schedule which consisted of doctors’ visits, therapies at school and at home Chloe continues to be a happy six year old child. Chloe’s little brother JD keeps her motivated.

We knew for a fact that the intensive therapy program at Keep Moving Forward would be difficult for Chloe because it is very different from the treatment she was used to getting at school and at home. Her intensive program has worked on challenging multiple muscle groups all at the same time.  This program has given us so much hope, that one day Chloe will be able to gain independence through the skills she gains/ learns. 

 In just 2 weeks, Chloe’s endurance and overall strength has improved.  Her upper and lower extremities can now sustain positions that normally would tire her out in seconds.

“The program at KMF is simply wonderful it is unlike any other facilities we’ve been to.  The therapists are very knowledgeable, exude professionalism.  Their enthusiasm makes the 3 hour sessions fly by quickly that Chloe looks forward to coming to therapy. You’re not just a client when you walk in the door, you become a part of a family.”

Fun Facts about Chloe

 *Chloe’s age: 6 years old

 *Chloe is a fashionista who sports dresses and gloves whenever she can.

 *Favorite movie?  Despicable Me

 *Favorite place to go?  Local park with a carousel

 *Who inspires you Chloe to never give up? JD, her baby brother.

 *Favorite thing to do in the summer? riding her tricycle.

Shai and Amy Eapen, PT, DPT, the owners and founders of KEEP MOVING FORWARD, want everyone who come to their facility to feel empowered.  Amy, who is a leading expert in her field, specializes in Neuro and Pediatric Physical Therapy, and is certified in Early Intervention, and the TheraSuit Method™ .  

Click HERE to read more about their amazing facility, and the inspiring work that they do.  


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